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Who we are

The company was registered in 2019, Sinha Organic Food Products (SOFP) is a leading bakery and beverage producing company that manufactures handcrafted and machine-based Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Verities of Baking Items, Flavoured Powder Drinks, Fruit Juice and Flavoured Drink with the finest ingredients. The company offering premium quality ingredients to ensure healthy, nutritious and hygienic products for the potential market that we have targeted the population size of 160 million of Bangladesh. We procure quality ingredients from the selected vendors, after passing few quality parameters. Our motto is ‘Purity you can Trust’. SOFP factory is located in Hemayetpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have our distribution channels in potential markets of the country. The company started its small operation back in 2010 with a floor space of 800 square feet to cater local need of that area. Now the company is having 40000 square feet production floor to meet the countries growing requirement.

SOFP History

In 2009 Mr. Nasir Ur Rahman Sinha founded the company named Salvation for the Deserving (SFD). SFD is the sanitariums for the physically challenged people, where they stay, gets medical support etc. SOFP contribute their profit for the betterment of disabled and deserving peoples through Salvation for the Deserving (SFD). Salvation for the Deserving (SFD) emerged one as of the pioneer social organization to serve the disadvantages group of people. Especially the disabled ensuing their treatment, education, rehabilitation center located in Singair, Manikgonj.

As a good successor Mr. Motiur Rahman Sinha taking responsibility as a Proprietor of Sinha Organic Food Products (SOFP) on 1st March 2019. From that time his Visionary leadership added new horizontal expansion of SOFP activities.  During this time he discovered that there was an opportunity to improvement, one whose mantras were product quality and great customer service. So, in that time he introduce wide range of creating high quality artisan breads, cakes, Cookies, verities of baking items and Flavoured Powder Drinks, Fruit Juice and Flavoured Drink. In this time SOFP has served many markets and parts of greater Dhaka. SOFP has also been at the front of product development in iconic food service and retail products. With dynamic team of the company it is having 15% growth per year. 

SOFP Product Range

Our Products range includes baking items, breads, cakes, Cookies, Instant powder Drinks, Flavoured Drinks, Mango Juice etc.

Our Quality Assurance

The management of SOFP is committed to a policy of Quality Assurance throughout the process of procurement of raw materials, production, packing and delivery of products. We honor our commitment to deliver the best quality products and endeavor to outdo the expectations of our consumers. First of all we select the samples of best quality raw material with its specification, it undergoes analytical control/test and is ensured that it is of an excellent quality which is suitable for production and healthy for human consumption. We make sure sampling and analyses are conducted throughout the production, packaging and delivery process. Quality control is conducted during every production stage and thoroughly supervised then passes onto the next production stage once the product is approved.
Our Research & Development (R&D) department is constantly experimenting recipes for its products to produce the best quality products for our end consumers. SOFP places emphasis on continuous improvement through auditing of machinery, monitoring of its systems and health and safety measures which insures the high quality bakery products. We make sure sampling and analyses are conducted throughout the production, packaging and delivery process. We promote continuous improvement to refine and improve the quality of our products while monitoring and training to further improve our level of quality assurance.

Our Dedication to Excellence:

We strive to provide our customers with products which meet and even exceed expectations. SOFP is dedicated to producing high quality, legal and safe food products. Quality and Safety of foods are of the highest importance to us and we are committed to achieving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.
We expect every individual to support this policy and ensure that our food safety and quality standards are properly implemented. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established a Quality Management System which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance.

Our Corporate Governance

The Management is committed to high standards of corporate governance, and has chosen to comply with the Corporate Governance Code (CGC). We have based our corporate governance framework on its main principles. The Management Statement on Corporate Governance is outlined below, as are the specific disclosures required by the Code. We review our corporate governance arrangements regularly. These include are- Strategy, Acquisition policy, corporate governance, Risk management, Health and safety, Approval of major capital expenditure, Approval of annual budgets, and Approval of annual reports, employee benefits recommendations and policy

Our Commitment

Our Responsibility

Commitment to quality is the core value at SOFP. We always work towards gaining a better understanding of the needs of our customers and deliver quality products.  We are a family run business with a moral obligation to our stakeholders.

Our Distribution Network

The main SOFP wholesale bakery business with its distribution network that covers the entire Country. At present more than Six thousand retail outlets stock SOFP products. We are focused to a set of clearly defined business principles, attaching importance to business relations and putting quality first with service driven ethos.